Can A Man With Low Testosterone Get You Pregnant?

Can A Man with Low Testosterone Get You Pregnant?

Testosterone is an important hormone in making sperm. Low testosterone reduces a man’s sex drive and also contributes to erectile dysfunction. Since testosterone is involved in sperm making, it means with low testosterone, the development of sperm is affected.

In simplified words, a man with low testosterone will have a more difficulty in getting you pregnant than a man with high testosterone.

Treating low testosterone for fertility issues does not imply taking testosterone supplements and increasing fertility does not necessarily result in an increase in fertility.

The best treatment for a man who has low testosterone who is trying to get you pregnant is to have them take something that helps their body make its own testosterone.

Get Gonadotropin Injections

In order to boost fertility and improve sperm count, a man should get gonadotropin injections which will stimulate sperm production.

Generally, a man with low testosterone cannot get you pregnant because they have a low sperm count. They must receive treatment to improve their sperm count and their overall fertility.